Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunset gratitude

A perfect sun is setting over Elmira tonight. A perfect circle of gold is slowly sinking behindthe Allegheny Mountains. I am driving into the horizon on a yellow brick road with sunlight dazzling my eyes and a perfect scattering clouds in front of me. If only I was lying on the side of the mountain with my hands propped beneath my head watching this sun slowly sink and all of its majestic glory.
This moment right here and right now is a perfect moment. How can we ever be positive that we will have many more such moments? It is good to be here right now. I feel alive and thankful.
I am driving on my spare tire. It was not meant to go great distances and I had to push that poor little tire ttoday. I cannot help but feel that it is this little worn out tires purpose today to force me to drive slowly and to look at the world around me. I am crawling along in the granny lane. Normally I am flying along like a little white missile at 80 miles an hour, in a hurry to be somewhere, racing along and not taking notice of everything going on around me.
On my last long drive I was riding with my 15 year old son. We were talking about how strange people think he is when he starts up conversations with strangers. In his mind nobody is a stranger. I want to drive up alongside another vehicle and point at the sky a motion to them they look! Look at this! Do you see what I see? And they might think I'm a little bit crazy. But we are all part of the human family. We are all brothers and sisters. We should be able to talk about a sunset with a complete Stranger and treat them like we have known them all of our lives. Because we have known them all of our life. We are all the same. I want to say thank you for creating this beautiful world with me. Didn't we do a good job? Are we amazing? Aren't we the best artists ever?
It has been a very long week. But we can all take a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. We have to know that we are in this together. We have today. We have now. And we are not alone.

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