Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The long drive to admissions

I am following the ambulance. The ambulance has chains under it and I can hear them clanking on the highway as we passed cars and drive over the speed limit on our way to the hospital. Everything is a crystal clear focus, church bells ringing in town, bright green lights, bright red lights to give me a little bit of time to try to see him in the window of the ambulance. They brought him out tied to a stretcher and I wanted to reach out and feel his fore head for fever. It seems so odd to see him on the stretcher that way. The ambulance is red with yellow stripes on the back and it says advanced life support. I'm trying to think of this is saving his life. It isn't easy when I want so badly to bring him home.
I have a child who is autistic and somehow I always pictured this sort of journey with him. Yet we have been so strong and we've avoided this the entire way with him.
Passing the airport I see a plane land and think of his plan to be a NAVY pilot. Passing the mall I want to buy him a new EXPRESS sweater .
So so hard.

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