Monday, March 4, 2013

Soccer socks and AXE

Seth called from the hospital and needed his gym clothes and shoes from the boys locker room at school. At first I panicked. It's the only thing he has asked for. He has gained eleven pounds in 20 days and knowing this new hospital has a fitness center has him sounding almost chipper. A little hope goes a long way.
I called him and he guided me through heretofore forbidden territory. The locker room smelled like sweat, socks and AXE. Luckily I found what he needed.
But even this success brings tears to my eyes. These are his track shoes and track season starts this week. Instead of running with his team, he is taking his shoes to a hospital. I'm emptying his locker, but not for a bus ride to State Finals... It is a sad, lost feeling.
I'm so happy to accomplish this one thing. Anything I can do to mother him gives me joy. I am not sure how I will be a strong support to him when he is so far but tonight, thankfully I was here at school for my other child's rehearsal and can do this for him.
I am still dreading the drive tomorrow. Even though I signed the paper for his transfer, for some reason (because he is a minor) it is still considered an involuntary admission. I hope like hell he won't be there long.

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