Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I want to see the signposts on the path. I want to turn a corner and see a destination marker. Just a marker that warns me of what is ahead of me. Falling rock zone. High Altitude. Bridge freezes before road. Perhaps if I had warning, I wouldnt be so shocked when I find myself outside my comfort zone. I have already learned to not get cocky.  When I begin to think I have peaked, I realize theres another mile of mountain or another path around the corner to travel. Signposts are everywhere, because no matter what path I choose, I will eventually end up home. And home is completion. Home is more than the knowing...home is the experience of knowing.
I try to stay in control of the wheel and not freeze up when I see an obstacle in my path. I am no deer in the headlights. I dare the headlights.
Every road leads to home and I cannot help but reach my destination. I just wish I could find the shortest route possible. Why do I always seem to take the detour? We are all climbing the same mountain. But I seem to find myself on the flat face where I'm daunted by the climb. I'm blessed to have the equipment to climb the mountain. And the faith to believe in the view from the top. I look at some of my fellow climbers and wonder how they climb without a rope. I'm relieved to always have a belay. I'm safe, no matter how slippery my path gets. I worry about those at the bottom of the hill. I worry about those who seem crippled and refuse to ask for a hand up. Trusting the hand up is the only way I've found comfort during the journey.
I am praying for revelation. I am listening with both ears and my entire heart. I am starring at the stars and pleased with my creation.
I am learning to not swerve on the ice, but to hold the wheel tight and drive INTO the swerve when it happens. And with every misstep I learn. With every breath, I acclimate to the altitude. And I think I'm going to make it. I can't help BUT make it. Wishing for a window into the future won't make this journey easier. I can conquer whatever throws itself at me. With Gratitude.

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