Saturday, June 8, 2013

16 and will party

On Thursday I took sage to her bi weekly doctor appointment, where we discuss how her ADD medication is working. I was concerned that the latest raise in her CONCERTA dose had not been well tolerated. She seems easily irritated and frustrated. She has been hitting her sister without stopping to take a breath first. Or as I have taught the kids, "take a deep breath and swallow." Her school work has never been better, tho, and we have to try to strike the right balance between school and home. What happens at school affects her at home; what happens at home affects her at school. It is a carefully balanced right rope and in the end, our hope is that she can do just as well as her peers at school, that she can increase her ability to focus enough to read and listen in groups. But she has never been a difficult child. She is not hyper and she is a blessing to be around. I don't want her to suddenly be angry or anxious.
The doctor said that because she is so stressed with the situation here with her eldest and most loved brother, that we cannot know if her new behaviors are linked to the medication or are anxiety related to her brothers depression.

There are never any clear answers. I wish there were. I wish someone could say to me,"do THIS" and having done so, things are suddenly alright again. There is no magic wand. The pediatrician said she did not know how I managed. "I have faith." I answered. And this is true. I am never alone, even when I am most afraid. God is with me every step.
Having said that, I told Seth last night that if he committed suicide, I would wake up every single day for the rest of my life asking "how could you do this to me?" And I would fall asleep asking the same thing. Forever. All of us would. Seth said,"you cannot put that guilt on me." I am not trying to make him feel guilty but I want him to know the impact he will have on us. The sorrow will be all consuming, all day, forever. The "what ifs" and "why" questions would haunt me.

But, last night, he attended a party with friends for the first time in a long time. I kept my fingers crossed, praying he would get through it without scaring anyone and that on this night he could be like every other kid. He sent me pictures from the party and I laughed to see kids sleeping everywhere, piled up on couches and smiles on faces. He asked if he could stay the night and tho I worried and sat up most of the night, I knew I needed to let go and let the magic of friendship try to work. This morning I picked him up and he was stuffed with pancakes and laughing. He asked if we could pick up a friend and again, I whispered my gratitude. This friend was his best friend and had pulled away from him in a big way. He has been so lonely and has felt so judged. Although I am waiting for my mom to arrive and have a million things to do, I agreed to drive twenty miles to pick him up. I hoped we would keep things light but he began joking about his death in the car. His friend told him that he should stick around and achieve something. Seth said that he was thinking he would sky five and do crazy stunts, have a million adventures packed full if adrenaline since the end outcome didn't matter to him. He said that if he survived he would have a thousand stories to tell and if the parachute failed to open- well at least he would have lived.
He started asking questions about whether psychological problems could be fixed and we tAlked about successful competent and even famous people who have recovered and led amazing lives. I told him that even very sick people- like the man who shot president Reagan, are better and walking around.
And that's when he said the one thing I have prayed to hear...
"I think I will give therapy a try." He said.
I wondered if I had heard him correctly.
"You are going to give Sam a chance to help?" I asked. Sam is his brilliant therapist. I have high hopes that Sam can help.
"Yeah." He answered.

So today, he is giving life a chance. He is renting a bike and riding around town with a friend he has missed.

I feel a burst of hope. Today is a good day. And every good day is a GOOD thing.

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